Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Impossible Is Nothing

So Steve McClaren lives to fight another day.

All the commentators were saying that if England had lost against Estonia tonight, Steve McClaren, Manager of the England football team, would have lost his job. As it was they won 3 - 0. Well done that team.

Listening to the match on the radio (see how keen I am getting!) it sounded as if David Beckham was man of the match, and this was backed up by various comments afterwards from presenters and people ringing in. What makes this of particular significance is that Steve McClaren had dropped Beckham from the England team for ages and had given the impression his career representing his country was over.

I must confess that David Beckham holds considerable fascination for me . I am not at all a celeb watcher - indeed I find the whole thing rather distasteful. But it is difficult not to be exposed to the various public sides of Mr Beckham, or Becks as he is often known, and be impressed by them.

Firstly, he is astonishingly good looking. Every time I see him I think "God, you really are gorgeous". Secondly he is a fantastic footballer. Whilst he has not been without controversy and criticism, he has managed to sustain a successful and varied career in top flight professional football for the last 15 years. Thirdly he has been married for the last 10 years to another celeb, Victoria, and whist we can never know what goes on behind closed doors, it seems the two of them have managed to create a happy family life with their three children, despite the 24/7 glare of publicity. Fourthly, when you see him interviewed he just seems a modest, decent, ordinary bloke. And game for a laugh too.

I guess if you asked me what I admire most about him, it is that he seems to have real strength and courage. To bounce back after the knocks, deal with shame and humiliation, overcome adversity and just keep going. Here it is in his own words.

David Beckham is a god.

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Anonymous said...

Again you highlight the dilemmas in the English Game. Saddled as we are with a vicious media and unrelenting drive for success at all costs.
I agree wholeheartedly about what the boy David.

Posh does take it up the ass though.......or so football fans seem to think