Saturday, 2 June 2007

Stranger Than Fiction

Here are a few weird and wacky things that I have learnt about football today.

1. It is against the rules for male footballers to go topless on the pitch (and presumably females). Cristiano Renaldo was actually booked once for just that thing, resulting in a campaign by some female German politicians to legalise the practise. Gets my vote

2. An Argentinian football fan is suing his tattooist after he tattooed a picture of a penis instead of his club's badge on his back. The tattooist supported a rival club.

3. Leroy Rosenoir is the shortest lived football manager in the history of the football league. He was manager of Torquay United for just 10 minutes before the club changed hands and the new owners promptly sacked him

4. A Kenyan man, Kenneth Yoga holds the world record for bouncing a football with one leg whilst seated at 4:30:33 hours. Whilst impressive you can't help asking yourself - why?

And finally - this is a bit of a weird goal.

Don't have nightmares!


Anonymous said...

Do you think the goal was allowed. my feeling is that it would not have counted. Although quite why i don't know......cept it goes against that wonderful english tradition play. (Iraq notwithstanding)

Good blog. |Hope house move went well.

Georgina Best said...

Proof positive that goalies need eyes in the back of their head

Thanks for good wishes re house move