Tuesday, 5 June 2007

I Close My Eyes And Count To Three

Graham Poll has retired.

Now it is remotely possible that you read that and said who. This is a blog for beginners after all.

Let me help you. Graham Poll is, or rather was, a football referee. For the last 26 years in fact.

Most of that time he has been well regarded. So much so that he was selected by FIFA to referee during the last world cup, and was hotly tipped to referee the final. But then disaster struck. During a match between Croatia and Australia he showed one player a yellow card 3 times (Revision tip: He should have been sent off instead of getting a third yellow card). He has been unable to explain such a basic and significant error. Imagine committing the worst gaff of your career in front of millions. Poor thing!

Of course, anyone can make a mistake. And it is not easy being a referee.

Of course, Graham Poll is not his real name. That has been changed for his own protection.

Oh and if you are wondering how he chose his pseudonym, watch this.

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Anonymous said...

Disgraceful. Pole dancing is not best at home on "girls". i'm very sorry....but a lapse of taste from the author of this splendid blog