Thursday, 7 June 2007

Melchester Rovers Forever

So for anyone out there suggesting that David Beckham is getting too old for football (and I have heard that said), what about Roy of the Rovers?

Roy has been a footballer in the spotlight since 1954. I am not sure what age he was then, but lets assume he was 17, like Ricky Stapleton, the newly signed Foxes striker. That would make him 70 now.

To be fair he has not played football for a while. Since 1997 he has featured in a management role. Moreover, we have not had published news of him since 2001.

Since then though his memory has been kept alive by a group of fans, including a website dedicated to the various aspects of this icon of football.

According to Wikipedia, Roy has been superseded by more trendy alternatives such as Striker (now discontinued too). The article describes Roy as having "an old fashioned and wholesome tone" which espoused the values of "fair play and strong moral character".

Despite this fall from fashionable acclaim, however, I have a hunch that there are still a few boys out there who occasionally think wistfully about their boyhood hero. Personally I was always a Bash Street Kids and Minnie the Minx girl. But I guess it takes all sorts.

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Anonymous said...

Alf Tupper "Tough of the Track" gets my vote everytime. A lightening runner of working class tradition and a perchant for the old F and C. Top !
Tell us more about the Rick Meister please ?