Wednesday, 20 June 2007

The Importance Of Appropriate Footwear

I fell over today. New shoes with a crappy soul. Grazed my leg and foot and dented my pride.

Which got me thinking (you can feel a corny link coming up, can't you) about the importance of appropriate footwear, when you are playing football (well I did warn you).

So lets imagine (be creative here) that this weekend I have been selected to play for my local ladies' team. What on earth am I going to wear on my feet?

As you can see here, choosing the right football boot is not a simple matter. Anyway after careful consideration I have selected:
  • Kangaroo skin uppers (which does rather compromise my vegetarian principles but if I plant a tree and am nice to animals for a week I think I can probably justify to myself)
  • An EVA midsole (I deserve a bit of comfort after all)
  • Peebax for the sole (on the basis that stiffness and energy for push off are good for the soul)
  • Blade studs (just because they sound cool)
What is slightly alarming about the guidance I used, however, is that there is no mention of what I would have thought was a key criteria - colour.

I mean, would you expect to see me in my pink strip (I'm allowed - its a fantasy), wearing red shoes? Or green?

I don't think so.

No - definitely white with a pink stripe for me. Oh and pink laces with a shiny sliver thread in them.


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