Monday, 21 May 2007

Bring Me Sunshine

Morecambe. Home town of Eric Morecambe (who's real name was John Eric Bartholomew). And judging by one of the pages on the town's website a place where other people who like to share side- splittingly funny jokes live.

It is also the town which has spawned Morecambe Football Club, otherwise known as The Shrimps.

What do you mean never heard of them? Well to be fair they have been somewhat obscure. Until now. For the first time in their history they have been promoted to the Football League.

Shrimps of course come in a variety of manifestations, my favourite being the Barretts' version. And as we all know they are also a cure for hayfever.

Personally, I don't think shrimps are the most exciting thing Morcambe has to offer at all. The love life of a cuttle fish is where it is at for me. Bless!


Anonymous said...

The jokes were awful. I'm a bit sad about Morecambe because my mate at work is a York City fan and he was sooooooo disappointed his team didn't make it through. it is good to see a non-league side make it though for sure.

Ah Barretts, home of the sherbert dip and other childhood dreams.

Also, I guess Morecambe has been the scene of a terrible tragedy recently so its good the town has something to celebrate.

Try not to worry about Warnock !

Georgina Best said...

I can't believe you didn't think the jokes were good.