Sunday, 6 May 2007

Up The Arsenal

If I told you that Leicester City lost 1 -4 to Wolves today, you would probably want to just switch off right now. Me too bud!

So we are not going to talk about that. We are going to talk about the FA cup final tomorrow. Between Charlton Athletic and Arsenal - LADIES TEAMS! Arsenal are favourites to win, having been on excellent form all season. Charlton are talking it up though and say they will be going their fighting.

I notice they are playing at the N***s F*****t ground. Only just over 17,000 tickets sold. I guess that is why they don't go to Wembly.

I see the match is going to be shown on the television. Wonder who will watch? Girls maybe. A few perverts probably. And hopefully some men too.

Who knows they might see something that could add a new dimension to the men's game and take the world by storm.


Anonymous said...

Women's footy is slow. Mostly, its tactically nieave and hasn't got the same power or speed as the men's game.
However, I did see this and thought.... "hmmmmm"

Georgina Best said...

Its all in the eye of the beholder