Wednesday, 2 May 2007

You'll Never Walk Alone

Poor Jose Mourinho! (Revision tip: Jose is manager of Chelsea). His team played Liverpool in the return leg of the semi-final of the European Champions League last night. Liverpool won in a penalty shootout (Revision tip: They have a penalty shootout when neither team wins at the end of the game and after a period of extra time called "Extra Time").

Sad enough that they lost in such a way. Sad too as Chelsea look like being 'also rans' in other title challenges, including the Premiership (which is all but won by Manchester United now). Most sad, in my view, however, is that 'the special one' does not appear to cope with defeat with much dignity. The media has been full of reports about ungracious comments that he has made during the last few days. These include personal comments about fellow countryman Cristiano Ronaldo as well as declaring that decisions about penalties are consistently weighted against his team.

On the other hand, whilst his apparent lack of sportsmanship does grate, there is something very compelling about his passion. I read a great story that two years ago he was banned for a period from contact with his players for making ungracious comments about a referee. Rumour has it that he went to the quarter final of the European Cup in which Chelsea were playing. It is suggested that he maintained communication with his fitness coach, Rui Faria, through an earpiece hidden under Faria's woolly hat. Ten minutes before the end of a game Chelsea won 4-2 he was reportedly smuggled out of the stadium in a laundry basket. When asked if this was true he said "The truth is like oil, but the reality is that sometimes it appears too late. I was suspended for two games, I don't want to say anything more about that, only that the oil came to the surface."

Oh and there is one more thing. He is absolutely gorgeous.

So Jose, if you happen to read this and ever find yourself in a laundry basket again - you don't have to walk alone. Just give me a bell!


Anonymous said...

That Georgy porgy girl is just hot for the man !!!!!!!

He is cool i think. I know he's crap too......but he's cool.....very



Georgina Best said...

A complex character I suspect