Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Singing From The Heart

I went to a funeral recently.

Not the most extraordinary of events. But what struck me was the quality of the singing. Or rather lack of it. And it wasn't just because it was a funeral. I have been to various events such as weddings and christenings during the last few years. Same thing there.

I have wondered if this is nothing new and I have just got older and see things differently. You know, remembering things in the past differently. I suspect not however. I think we are a nation that has forgotten how to sing.

I am not sure if singing has ever been that cool for boys in my life time. Pop singing was OK of course but church singing - only for cissy choir boys.

You are probably wondering what this has got to do with football. Well what prompted this reflection was seeing the fans singing on Saturday at Barnsley. I saw men who I am sure have not even played air guitar for the last 20 years, singing their hearts out. And I saw it again tonight when I saw Liverpool v Chelsea on the telly at the pub tonight. Men singing with their hearts.

I love singing. I have only discovered it recently. It makes me feel whole. It has such a healing power.

So if football turns out to be about nothing more than getting men to sing - with their hearts - then I think it is the most valuable phenomenon of modern times.


Anonymous said...


This is really good. the passion and the glory of football. And the passion in rites of passage. The same sociology. The same passion.


Georgina Best said...

If only everyone sang like that at other special occasions