Tuesday, 8 May 2007

They Think It's All Over ........

I thought I was in for a quiet couple of months. What with the end of the season and every one at Leicester City still reeling from the shock of being under threat of relegation for a time.

But no. The pre-season build-up for the 2007-2008 season has started. Announcements about a new kit deal, which means that kit will be for 2 seasons not one, providing better value for money for fans. Declarations from Milan Mandaric that he is prepared to spend money on getting a good squad together, despite only imposing a modest increase in season ticket prices. Speculation from the fans about what players, if any, should and might stay.

Still that doesn't stop me from pausing to reflect. This is my 53rd post on this blog. I have been learning about football for less than 2 months. The impact upon my life has been massive.

Apart from the discipline of blogging every day (yeah well alright most days - a girl's gotta have time for lovin' you know), I make a point of listening to the radio regularly to catch the sports news. BBC Five Live has become my default station. I am researching football topics most nights for information and supporting material for my blog. I turn newspapers over on the shelf to read the back page without having to pay for it. I generate conversations with people to share my knowledge and find out theirs. Old friends shake their heads and roll their eyes because they know what I am like when I am on a mission.

Worst of all though. I have started fantasising about having a Leicester City shirt!

Do you think it's all over? Do you think I am hooked?


Anonymous said...

george........wonderful in the extreem

Georgina Best said...