Saturday, 21 July 2007

The Animals Went In Two By Two

How have the floods been round your way? They have been pretty grim round here.

Now you may be thinking what have the floods got to do with football. And I would have to admit at first glance it would appear - not much.

However, according to Morrisons supermarkets, football and flooding are the reason their profits are down against last year.

Just as well it is not the football season at the moment though. Imagine how many games would have been cancelled today.

Here (select picture 24) is a picture of the bottom of my road last night. Awful eh? All those poor people whose homes and businesses were damaged.

And in a surreal moment, would you believe, some bloke entertained the locals by doing a few stunts on the floodwater on a jet ski!

That's what I call turning a disaster into an opportunity.

I'm wondering with all these freak weather conditions if I should start building an ark. But which two Foxes to take.......................

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