Thursday, 5 July 2007

Bard Language

Did you know that there are references to football in Shakespeare? I'm guessing most of you are nodding your head, knowing the sort of cultivated, educated reader this blog attracts.

Just in case you can't quite pinpoint the references however, let me help you out.

King Lear (Act I, Scene IV): Kent taunts Oswald by calling him a ‘base football player’ (presumably Oswald played for Leeds)
Comedy of Errors (Act II): "Am I so round with you as you with me, that like a football you do spurn me thus? You spurn me hence, and he will spurn me hither if I last in this service you must case me in leather"

Taken straight from the plays what he rote.

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Anonymous said...

Knew I could rely on you to keep the tone high