Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Rock and Roll

When I play my guitar and sing songs, it is nice to intersperse the slow ones with a bit of rock and roll.

Having, therefore, posted about meditation yesterday I think it is time to speed thing up a bit.

So here are the football headlines:

  • Tevez is trying to join Man U but the Premiership are insisting Man U deal directly with West Ham his current club rather than going through his agent and the whole process has been slowed
  • Ken Bates is being allowed to buy back Leeds, despite the Inland Revenue saying they will mount a legal challenge
  • England striker David Newgent is off to Preston with a price ticket of £6m
  • Leicester are seeking to buy Stephen Clemence and DJ Campbell from Birmingham
  • Man U have spent about £50m this summer on new players, whereas Chelsea, their nearest rivals last season have only bought Florent Malouda.
So now you are back up to speed.

Rock and roll

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