Thursday, 12 July 2007

God Comes To Leicester?

Apparently there is a God. At least according to Liverpool fans. His name is Robbie Fowler.

What is more, God may be coming to The Walkers. If Milan Mandaric has his way.

So what is so special about him?

Well maybe this, and this, and this.

The Foxes fans on Talking Balls are largely pleased with the idea although a little wary. God is after all 32. And we haven't got him yet.

In the meantime though Mr Mandaric continues to impress me as ever.

"I hope he will choose the club with a good ambition and it is not only about the money."

Of course, £22,000 a week probably won't go amiss.

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Anonymous said...

It would be good if it happened maybe.......although really and truely, RF has only ever played well for LFC. The second greatewst football team the world has ever seen-sic