Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Football Stars

Being a girl I like to read my horoscope. Not that I believe any of it of course. It's all mumbo jumbo. But being a girl I read it just in case - you know.

I have found a site that gives me my football horoscope. I'm a Capricorn. This is what it says:

Capricorns aren't likely to display much talent for the game of football, but the star sign has produced a whole host of people who have forged a good career in the game despite an apparent lack of ability. Vinny Jones (5/1/65) was totally useless but made his name for kicking opponents rather than the ball, and Alex Ferguson (31/12/41) was not the greatest player by all accounts, but has created a vast football empire. Emile Heskey (11/1/78) is also rubbish.

Not much hope then.

My one consolation is that my lover does not fare any better:

Precious few footballers were born under the sign of Virgo - it doesn't bestow much in the way of football ability upon its children. Interestingly, however, it does produce some top class goalkeepers and the trait of longevity. David Seaman (19/9/63) and Peter Shilton (18/9/49) guarded the England net admirably for years on end, but both carried on until they were well past their prime rather than bowing out gracefully at the top.

So Virgos - take note. Know when you reach your sell-by date

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