Tuesday, 10 July 2007

The Path To Inner Football Peace

Now girls I want to think about football in a slightly different context today.

It has crossed my mind (as things occasionally do) that some of you might still be finding football a little bit inaccessible. I mean you can learn the technical stuff but how to connect at a deeper level.

I have posted before about the 'spirit' of football. But maybe that isn't working for you.

About two and a half years ago, when I was facing some real difficulties in my life, I turned to Buddhism. I used to meditate every day and started attending weekly meditation sessions. My faith in the teachings was momentarily shaken when it was suggested that you can not find happiness in chocolate (but then the leader of the sessions was a bloke so .....). Overall though it was something of a spiritual and emotional life line.

I have moved on from that time but I did wonder if it might have something to offer us here.

So I have done some research. I googled meditation and football and came up with this.

You'll have to read through it to find the football reference of course.

Enjoy being a monkey meditator!

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