Sunday, 29 July 2007

Boom Boom!

Apart from my pilgrimage to the Walkers Stadium a few months ago, I haven't given a lot of thought to the city of Leicester itself.

I do have some distant roots there in the form of grandparents, although they are now dead.

So what sort of place is it?

Well historically, it is well known as a Roman town. Then it was known as Ratae Coritanorum and was inhabited by a tribe called the Corieltauvi.

Today around 40% of Leicester's population are immigrants, making it one of the ethnically diverse cities in the UK. Communities include Polish servicemen unable to return home after the war, Irish people, groups form the Asian sub-continent, Africans and Dutch Somalis. Quite a cocktail!

So what is Leicester City's claim to fame other than Gary Lineker and Peter Shilton? Well there is the first traffic roundabout. And it was the first place to have traffic wardens. Then there are Engelbert Humperdink, David and Richard Attenborough and of course the Deep Freeze Mice.

Of course there is tons and tons more I could talk about but I think I have given you the most important facts.

Apart from how The Foxes got their name. Boom Boom!


Anonymous said...

Interesting your last link suggests the capacity of the stadium is only 22K. I'm sure its not the same place because here

They say its 32500. 4k more than the Majdeyski.

Bet you can't get a ticket for L or m

Fans of Deep Freeze Mice wont find anything on YouTube unfortunately.

But i'd leave you with this just for football fun.


Lady in red said...

you forgot Stevie Claridge (The Tramp)

I always hated that particular fox but not foxes in general