Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Fair Play

Things I like about Wayne Rooney are:
  • His work rate on the pitch
  • His total commitment to his team when he plays
  • The way he looks to Fergie like he's his Daddy (very endearing!)
  • He looks a bit like my step-son
  • He's a great footballer
Things I don't like about Wayne Rooney are:

  • He's hot tempered
  • He sets a bad example to young fans on occasions
But I do like the fact that he has owned up to diving.

Not because I think diving is a good thing to do.

He could have simply said nothing though.

I know what you cynics are saying; it was blatant, they had not choice but to say something.

You may be right. But I can think of a few managers who would not have spoken out.

A few who might not even have seen it......................

Too busy appointing a new captain probably.

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