Monday, 17 November 2008

Musings On This And That

I was very sad to learn that Geoff Horsfield, who played for The Foxes for a while on loan last year, has been diagnosed with testicular cancer. At 35 he has been told his career is at an end and he has to have an operation.

Brave of him to come out in public and tell people in advance of that in my humble opinion. Dealing with an illness such as cancer is a very personal matter and I do admire people in the public eye who use their experience to try to provide hope and comfort to others.

Talking of comfort, it seems some have very little. For example, Tony Adams is already having a paddy. It's not so much he is stating his position - it's just that I don't see how doing it publicly helps with internal relations. I should have thought criticizing your Board was something you only did out loud as a last resort. At the end of the day they are the ones with the power to sack you.

Somehow I don't expect him to last to the end of the season.

Nor Mark Hughes.

Not so Nigel Pearson though who does seem to have a sense of what needs to happen to ensure we resume our rightful place in the Championship next season. His dignified comments make a refreshing change from Hollow Way's empty chatter.

Which reminds me - apparently HW is hot favourite to become Swindon manager.

All I can say is, after nicking 2 points from us on Saturday, they probably deserve each other.


areallaticfromthesouth said...

Jason Cundy ex Chelsea and Tottenham defender suffered with Testicular Cancer in his late 20s now 35ish he does media work on TV and your fav Radio station.

Anonymous said...

alongside being the world's 2nd biggest asshole !

First spot on TS has to be reserved for.......Gaunty.

areallaticfromthesouth said...

Is Andy Goldstein back on air after he announced that Jason Cundy had 'died' a couple of weeks ago?

Just wondered like, don't listen to TS meself.

Derek said...

Hollow Way is definately not the favourite for the Swindon job and as regards nicking 2 points if your bunch of prima donnas had been fit enough to play the full 90 minutes on an excellent pitch you would now be top of the league instead of Scunthorpe who incidentally we also drew with - away!