Monday, 24 November 2008

Incy Wincy Doubts

I don't know about you but I'm starting to have one or two 'incy' doubts about the Blackburn manager.

It's not just the team's plunging form. It's just hard to feel confident he is on top of the job.

Take this weekend for instance. Apparently he was involved in a bit of half-time argy-bargy in the tunnel with 'Arry's number two.

He's quick to criticize other managers too.

You might argue with a name like Paul Emerson Herbert Carlyle Ince he has always been destined for great things.

I'm just not sure. Something does not feel quite right.

Two things are certain though.

One is he is unlikely to make quiz champion of the year.

The other is he will never be manager of West Ham.


Rob Marrs said...

And he's also signed Matt Jansen and Robbie Fowler...


Beer Footy and Birds said...

I think Incy will be getting his P45 for Xmas.........or at best come the transfer window in Jan.
He's lost the dressing room & that in my opinion is the beginning of the end! can catch up with keano over a organic skinnny latte after you have been to the benefit office every fortnight.

I hear Torquay are looking for a new man at the helm!