Sunday, 9 November 2008

Saint Stevie Of Me

I don't know if I have mentioned it before but my lover and I have a show on a local community radio station. We broadcast every other week and the show is two hours of music and chat.

It probably won't surprise you to know that lots of the chat is about football. We try to find out about local sporting events but also chat about the latest stories in the wider footballing world.

Anyway yesterday I took great delight in putting my lover on the spot on air.

I said to him "Put your hand on your heart"

After a bit of moaning he did.

"Now look me in the eye and tell me Steven Gerrard didn't dive" (referring to the so called penalty earlier in the week against Atletico Madrid).

It was one of those rare moments when my lover is lost for words.

It was a shocking display though wasn't it.

Gerrard - or "Saint Stevie of Me" as he is known in our household - is on record as criticizing players who dive. Ruining the game and all that.

Hard to credit someone can be that hypocritical.

Maybe it's called something else when he does it.


AndyCR7 said...

Nah... he didn't dive.. air just tripped him down... :P

Rob Marrs said...

I genuinely don't think he did dive. I don't think it was a penalty either but just because something is not a penalty doesn't mean it is necessarily a dive. A soft penalty is, after all, still a penalty.

As I've written on my blog, I don't have a problem with diving (or more correctly, that it is no worth than other things that do not get the commentariat hot and bothered).

Stuey said...

Amen sister. Steven Gerard is a cyncial cheat plain and simple. We need to start calling the rednoses up on it 'cause they are first to bleat about Chelsea and Utd whenever they get a penalty.

Rob Marrs said...

I think, actually, Stuey this is almost directly analagous to the penalty that was given against Bolton at Old Trafford. It wasn't a penalty but it wasn't a dive from Ronaldo either.


AndyCR7 said...

And did you guys see his celebration after scoring... shameless... as if he has scored a screamer... :S

Anybody who think Gerrard didn't dive, check this out...

I mean watch his expressions when diving... as if he has been shot... and how safely he lands on the ground... I wouldn't really mind a player diving, if he gets kicked from pillar to post and ref doesn't give decisions in his favor whatsoever (ala Ronaldo)...

Stuey said...

Utter cack, you could see Gerard is trying to fall theatrically, look at his legs tucked back and his arms flailing. It's cynical cheating.

In the recent Derby Yakubu was going down looking for penalties and got booked for it, people in the Gwladys Street applauded the booking. We might get called "Bitter Blues" but at least we are honest.

You are either part of the solution or part of the problem.