Saturday, 8 November 2008

For Girls What Can't Do Scottish Football

I've had a bit of a nagging feeling for a while now.

A sort of slightly guilty feeling in the back of my mind.

Why? Well I am conscious that my footballing education to date has taken almost no account of Scottish football.

I have of course dabbled around the edges. When Glasgow Rangers 'came to town' in May for example. And the occasional "faux pas".

A couple of things this week though have inspired me to start looking a little deeper. One is that we have a new guy working in the office at the moment. He is a Hearts fan and I have had several conversations with him.

The other is coming across this blog, the author of which is, spookily, also a Hearts fan.

Should I read something into this strange coincidence? Is someone telling me I need to add another team to my watching brief as a way to keep in touch with the Scottish Prem?

Maybe I should just in case.

So what of all my boys this weekend so far then?

Leicester an excellent 3 - 0 win over Stevenage (YIPPEE!)
The Arse triumphant over the ManUre (HOORAY!)
Reading a 3 - 0 thrashing of Derby (WELL DONE!)
Luton only managed a 0 - 0 draw, but hey at least they didn't lose.

And Hearts?

A 1 - 0 away win over St Mirran.

That'll do for me.

They are now officially on my tacking radar.

See ye later!


areallaticfromthesouth said...

St Mirren

Derek said...

Have some sympathy for a poor old Swindon supporter.
Beaten by Histon, a place only renowned for making Hartley's Jam.
We have a scottish manager who, to my mind, has not a clue what he is doing. Everyone knew that Histon played the long ball, bombed in their crosses and had a player with a long throw. What do we do?
Train all week to combat this and this played into Histons hands.
We should have played our normal game as we will (I hope)against
the Foxes on Saturday. Bring your calcultor Georgie, you may well need it!!!

Georgina Best said...

areallaticfromthesouth: See. Told you I was a novice

derek: I'm of a slightly squeamish nature, so I hope be too phased by the sight of Robins being mauled by Foxes......

Hearts FC News said...

Only just spotted this one and it fair made my morning :)

I'm sure that if Hearts knew they had a new 'follower', they'd be extremely chuffed.

Excellent choice Georgina.