Thursday, 26 March 2009

Bad Behaviour

Today, girls, we are going to think about bad behaviour.

Who, for example, do you think has committed the most fouls in the Premiership this season?

Close your eyes and guess before you read on.

It's Hull with 448, closely followed by Blackburn on 445.

Blackburn have also had the most yellow cards (63), with Newcastle and Stoke have had the most players sent off (4 each).

None of them as bad as this lot though!


Derek said...

Come on Georgie, sweet young thing that you are, you obviously cannot remember the likes of Chopper Harris, Nobby Stiles, and the Leeds United team under Don Revie.
They would not last 10 minutes in today's mamby pamby game. It is a man's game and years ago there was no spitting, in fact if someone spit at you you just belted him one and the referee would turn a blind eye. Shirt pulling, unheard of. As a goalkeeper it was my job to command my box and if someone was in my way too bad. My father coached me and I can still hear his words "Derek, come late, come high and come bloody hard and get those knees up!"

Georgina Best said...

Derek: Are you sure he was talking about football?

Derek said...

Georgie My father was that innocent he thought sex was next to seven but even so he managed to present me with 2 brothers and three sisters.