Sunday, 22 March 2009

Five Nil Five Nil Five Nil Five Nil

I'm struggling to hear myself think here.

My lover is wandering round the house singing "Five Nil, Five Nil, Five Nil Five Nil".

It's not that I begrudge him the win.

But it is a bit hard trying to hold a conversation;

Georgina: "What are we having for tea?"

Lover: "Did you see that first goal? What a finish."

Georgina: "What have you got on at work tomorrow?"

Lover: "Steven Gerrard is a god".

Georgina: "OK. I give up. Five Nil Five Nil Five Nil Five Nil".


Derek said...

Your lover is a lucky man to have such an understanding partner.
My wife asked me ( and I did not hear her properly) how many roast potatoes I wanted. My reply was five nil and she only heard the last bit. I ended up with just meat and cabbage. That will teach not to get to excited next time

Georgina Best said...

Derek: Nice to hear from you. Who ended up with the 5 potatoes then?