Tuesday, 10 March 2009


Watching a grown man beg and plead is never a pretty sight (actually I'm not sure I entirely believe that but we'll let that go by for the purposes of this post).

How much worse then for a top flight club to be on its knees to its fans?

Of course there are some who will never beg.

But who are quite good at making themselves noticed nevertheless.


Well who else?

"If you want me to rule out ever being Manchester United manager, I can't. Special clubs need special managers, so in theory it could work."

"Yes, Manchester United are the best team in England, but you have to ask how good has the Premier League been since I left? If I was at a top club in England I think the title race might have been a lot closer this year."

God I love that man!


Mosher said...

Let's read that article:

"But they've got some quality forwards at Newcastle now." - bollocks. We've got a past-his-peak and always-injured Owen. A fat git who's not in line to play for Oz any time again. Ameobi who we've been trying to sell for 2 years. Smith, who's also a has-been and permanently crocked. And Martins, who's about the only decent one.

""The only remedy to that is for investment to be made in the team." - typical from the NUSC. Stop giving the team money, cancel your direct debits, stop going... and only return once the club uses now non-existent funding to bolster the squad.

"...the board remains fully committed to re-establishing Newcastle United as one of the leading teams in the Premier League." - how many times have I heard this exact same phrase? If they were truly committed they'd not have hired the poison dwarf and wouldn't have screwed Keegan over in exactly the way as was done in his last tenure. No, the board is fully committed to making as much money for themselves as physically possible. And if a result of that is a more successful then that's just a happy coincidence.

Anonymous said...

You sound angry Mosh ?

I have my cross to bear too. The whole Robbie Keane fiasco


Mosher said...

Ack. It's the whole thing with being in the news for all the wrong reasons. Yes, we're crap right now - that's a given. Well, that's "no Given", a result of the crapness.

But to have the board continually make arses of themselves and embarrass us further is adding insult to Roy Keane tackle.