Saturday, 7 March 2009

It All Adds Up

0 - The number of goals Cheltenham Town scored against us today
1 - Leicester City's position in League One
4 - The number of goals we scored against Cheltenham Town today
5 - The number of goals Leicester City Under 18s scored against Birmingham City earlier this week.
10 - The number of games left for us to play this season
28 - The number of goals Matty Fryatt has scored this season
135 - The number of years Leicester City FC has been going

And perhaps most importantly of all;

2 - The number of years I have been writing this blog today (can you believe it?)


Derek said...

Well done to the Foxes but what about Swindon holding the M.K. Dons to a draw and making it even safer for you to get automatic promotion. By the way all the pundits state Swindon should have won 4-1 but missed too many chances.

Georgina Best said...

I heard the same thing about Swindon's performance. And so kind of them to keep MK Dons caged.