Monday, 23 March 2009

Rising Above It


That's what they shout at Peter Crouch.

He claims to take it in his stride (which presumably is very long!).

I would say his record speaks for itself. And indeed his current performance.

What made me think of him tonight is the news of Jade Goody's death.

I can't help a wry smile when I think about how exposed those people who were so cruel to her are at this moment. Their unkind words echo loudly in the silence.

And now she has risen above it all.


Derek said...

Jade Goody ? Love her or hate her she has been absolutely wonderful during her tragic illness.
I know exactly what those near and dear to her are experiencing as my eldest daughter died in 2006 of cancer and her last days were very unpleasant. They say when you have children you should never have favourites but she was the personification of me. Positive, direct and focused. She was a great athlete, representing Wiltshire in Hockey, Netball and athletics and whenever she had the chance would come and watch me play football and cricket and was quite vociferous in her support.

offpat said...

I was never a fan of Jade Goody, or in fact of any/all "celebrities by TV reality show" - but I kept my mouth shut until I saw everyone slagging her off for being a "racist"
-that ticked me off.
Mostly this sort of abuse echoes from people who shout for the death penalty - they want to knock down, or even kill, someone or something that represents "the great evil out there".
More often than not its a projection of the fear they have "in here", i.e. of their own weaknesses.
If her publicity splurge has helped in one thing it has been in this final chapter - when her use of the publicity at the pain end of the personal spectrum will have helped thousands remember that we all need to watch out...
* have your smears done,
* watch your abuse because it only reflects on you etc.

RIP J Goody.

Georgina Best said...

Derek: So sad to hear about your daughter. Life can be so cruel.
Offpat: Thanks for dropping by. I'm sure your sentiments are shared by many.