Friday, 6 March 2009

'Twas Foretold By The Greeks

The ancient Greeks were a fairly clever lot.

Take the God Hermes for example (who appears to have had an aversion to clothes).

He had quite a big portfolio of responsibilities, one of which was sport. Obviously as football had not been invented at that point this did not take up all of his time so he had other areas of work including looking after 'miscreants'.

Then there was the writer and philosopher Aristotle, who listed amongst his interests poetry and literature.It was he who defined the different genres of drama, including 'tragedy', which relies upon the protagonist having a fatal flaw that brings about his/her downfall, sometimes death.

My absolute favourite is Diogenes, who spent much of his life living in a tub - as one does.

The point is that although these clever men predated football, through their wisdom they foretold some of what was to come.

Although I can't help thinking that the showdown between this particular tragic 'hero' and his wife on her return will relegate even the most blood thirsty Greek tragedy to the 'tame' division.

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