Wednesday, 18 February 2009

There Ain't Nothing Like A Dame

I've been pondering.

What do you think of this Jade Goody business?

She is the epitome of the celebrity culture we live in.

The culture all top footballers have to manage.

Some do it well.

Some less well.

A culture that is so very fickle.

One minute they revile you.

The next you are a national hero.

What next?

A damehood?

Or knighthood?


billmapguy said...

Grretings ! I am a USA-based Forest Green Rovers fan (well Pompey are my fav. club); I found your site when I Googled 'forest green rovers blogs'. I have put your site on my blogroll at

Georgina Best said...

Hey billmapguy! Thanks for dropping by. And thanks for the link. Come again soon :-)