Monday, 16 February 2009

Music Of The Heart

I received a telephone call from Radio Gloucestershire today.

They want me to go on Desert Island type programme.

I have to choose 10 songs I like. Then email them to the man at the studio.

He is then going to interview me about why I have chosen them.

Here is my first draft;

1. You'll Never Walk Alone - A love song for my Liverpool loving lover
2. Outfox The Fox - Because it will never happen
3. We are the Champions - Because we are going to be
4. The Ball Song - Well it's obvious isn't it?
5. Vindaloo - Every girl loves a good chant.
6. Three Lions - Because I like football of course.
7. We'll Meet Again - A message to all the Premiership teams to let them know we are on the up
8. Chelsea Dagger - The sound just makes my heart light up. Another goal at the Walkers.
9. Thanks For The Memories - ....of when Jose lit up the Premiership.......
10.I Will Always Love You - The way I feel about football.

What do you think?


Derek said...

The way your team are currently playing can I suggest
"There's always tomorrow!
"Daydream Believer"
Your team is now
"Halfway to Paradise"
or even
"Three Steps to Heaven"
"Song Sung Blue"
and finally just for you
Bob Dylan's "Just Like a Woman"
How about that for starters Foxy Lady. By the way the latest T.V. advert for Bingo features a Fox so here's hoping come May you get a Full House although we will miss you in Div.1

Georgina Best said...

Very gracious!