Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Calm your skin down !

Georgina's away everybody. She's having a night away being important. Actually, she's not only being important, she's also being lovely, charming, articulate, sexy, musical and.....er.....footbally I expect. Love to her.

As I sit, in our love nest typing away, she's here, Ladies and Gentlemen. Georgina has come to entertain the fans !

I know the food she'll eating tonight will be prepared here.

So it's me tonight, I'm afraid.

The old man.

To be short and sweet was what I'd planned, but goodness, the power of the pen.

Two stories dominate in my head. The Arshavin Matter is one and the other ? Of course, my falling out with Raffa.

I've supported Liverpool for a long time, through thick and even thicker . Sometimes, I've loved the Manager, sometimes, I've been indifferent and sometimes, like now, I haven't known what to think.

But today, something clicked in my head. I've almost had it up to my back teeth with Raffa.

Over the years I have supported this great English tradition of a club, they have often flattered to deceive but never deceived to flatter.

I know they are a fairly safe club to support !

Always there, or thereabouts, is how I've looked at it. Not in danger of any real trouble.

A club, however, with deeply passionate supporters and strong sociological roots.I believe the fans now really crave success.

Lately, as I've grown older and less patient with waiting, I begin to see their point.

I am so bloody angry about the Robbie Keane matter and I wonder to myself, how did this happen ?

How did a really great player fail to fit in and do what he does best ? Then I think ,

Who is in charge of the ship ?

And then I realize it's all a huge mess. From the top down and Raffa is probably just doing his best in difficult circumstances. Poor man ?

In other news, I was delighted to hear Mr Arshavin utter the words, "I am Gooner" Yet another mid-field play-maker to further complicate Mr Wenger's head and make them fall over one another.

Oh and in Durham and Wrighty last week, they had a guy on the phone who said, "calm your skin down man"

I know what he means.

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