Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Better Than Sex?

So there I was.

After a rather traumatic journey to Leicester (from Gloucestershire via Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire - don't even go there!), and a 20 minute dash at the hotel to unpack and put my glad rags on, I walked through the doors.

The Walkers Stadium.

Moaning as my colleagues dragged me off the carpet whilst I kissed the embedded LCFC badge.

Gasping as I walked along the photo-adorned corridors full of Foxes' teams and past star players.

Gazing into the eyes of Gary Lineker as he stared out at me from the wall.

Whimpering as I looked out into the dark at glimpses of the beloved turf.

I was in such ecstasy I could have howled at the moon.

An experience better than sex?

Well being a lady I couldn't possibly say.


Riccardo Troiani said...

better than sex? nothing else

Derek said...

I prefer football. At least you get 45 minutes each way and a break at half time for a fag and a bit of discussion.
Regarding sex I only ever do it when the electric blanket goes on the blink!

Georgina Best said...

Riccardo - รจ italiani allineare fa i migliori amanti?

Derek - My lover and I like to go into extra time as often as we can.

Derek said...

Extra time???
My wife acts as referee, blows up for every "infringement", 4th official, keeps her eye on the clock, trainer, renders the "Kiss of Life" if necessary, and finally the fanatical supporter who cheers like mad at the final whistle, especially if she has won!!