Saturday, 14 February 2009

A Bit Of Spice

A funny old footballing day.

With some fairly lack lustre performances I gather.

Fulham unable to beat off Swansea.

Pompey and Man City slogging it out with Portsmouth just managing to pull a couple out of the bag on the back of a determination to show support for the decision to get rid of Adams.

Chelsea in a scoreless draw at half time with lowly Watford.

And Leicester made me hold my breath for a while this afternoon until they equalised against Swindon.

Lets hope the indian takeaway I'm having for my supper has a bit more spice.


Derek said...

Georgina Best said...
How like a Swindon fan. One whiff of trouble and they think the world has ended. We Foxes know that if you keep your tail held high all will be well

09 February 2009 19:29

Do you remember this comment? It was in reply to my question "Has the bubble burst?"
I listened to the commentary and do not concern yourself with the Swindon supporters, all the booing you could hear was from the Foxes who I now believe had their tails well and truly between their legs!

Georgina Best said...

We'll be back to fight another day. You'll see!