Sunday, 15 February 2009

When Sheep Fly

I am a Leicester City fan and therefore unable to say anything positive about any of our neighbouring competitors or risk breaching the laws of blasphemy.

If I wasn't, though, I would have to say that Derby County put up an amazing fight against The ManUre today.

Sure they were outgunned. But they played with real tenacity and spirit.

Nigel Cluff is proving to be a very interesting character. Different in so many ways to his father, but having his own sizeable portion of charisma and flair.

Watch that space I would say.

Derby are on the up.


Anonymous said...

I agree. He's very good indeed

M.J.Y said...

As a fellow Fox, I too, find it hard to say anything good about the sheep********, however, Hats off to them as you rightly say!!!!