Sunday, 8 February 2009

Hey Big Spenders

Despite expectations, Manchester City were not the highest spending club in the transfer window.

It was in fact Tottenham, who spent 48 million.

Liverpool, Everton, Fulham, Sunderland,Middlesborough and West Brom spent nothing.

A total of 160 million pounds was spent but if you take out the two big spenders, the rest who spent only paid out an average of just over 5 million each.

Of course Man City would probably have spent more had they not been the subject of the odd high profile rejection.

What does Georgina think of all this?

Well like many girls I like a man who is prepared to splash a bit of cash.


Derek said...

I think you may be concerned that Leicester did not spend especially after the latets result
And that was against 10 men and a geriatric stand in keeper.
Has the bubble burst?

Georgina Best said...
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Georgina Best said...

How like a Swindon fan. One whiff of trouble and they think the world has ended. We Foxes know that if you keep your tail held high all will be well