Saturday, 21 February 2009

A Load Of Offal

I saw a heart warming story on the regional news last night.

A Bristol Rovers fan gave his wife a kidney for Valentine's day.

Not as in bought from a butchers.

But as in under general anesthetic removing and replacing.

Maybe not the most obvious gift but romantic in its own way.

As a reward, players from the Rovers made a DVD for him telling him how groovy he is.

Nice eh?

It mirrors my own experience in a way.

I was kind to my lover this morning.

And Matty Fryatt scored a goal this afternoon for me.


Derek said...

20 home games unbeaten, congratulations. Seems like the on loan keeper was a good singning.

Georgina Best said...

Thanks for your graciousness. I'll make sure we blow Swindon a kiss on our way up to the Championship :-)