Tuesday, 17 February 2009

I'm Back, I'm Back.......and on the Right Track

The boy is back.

And what a fantastic display.


Derek said...

"I'm I'm Back"
Unfortunately this was what happened last night at Millwall when James Henry scored a 90th minute equaliser against Swindon and I can only commiserate with you Foxy Lady as your club suffered the same fate at the hands of a former Swindon player Adey Monkhouse, although when he played for Swindon he was known by a different kind of house. But I would think the ~Foxes supporters were also calling him by that name last night.

Derek said...

One other thing Georgie I have one or two excellent pieces on football which I would like to e'mail to you but do not have your address. Perhaps you could e'mail me on derek@covingham.com

Georgina Best said...

We've both lost out to late goals then. We've got goalie problems - 3 injured and we are having to borrow one.
They'll sort it out though. I know they will.