Friday, 13 February 2009

Love That Man

I am sorry to learn of Joe Kinnear's medical problems.

Having been very close to someone who has recently undergone the process.

One of the many things I have learnt from this experience is that it strips you right back to the person you are.

It isn't Joe Kinnear the Newcastle football manger on the operating table. Nor any of the other roles he plays in his life. Husband. Father.

It's Joe Kinnear the man.

As alone as he was when he came into the world.

He will need all the love and support he can get.

And for those around him to retain their hope.

So forgive him his mistakes, including being misguided enough to manage The Magpies.

And think kind thoughts and send him good wishes.


areallaticfromthesouth said...

Well written GB and how is your Dad?

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Joe's a dude in his own way. And yes, he is a real man !

Georgina Best said...

Thanks Latic. He's doing OK. Home and doing a bit more each day. He drove for the first time yesterday. Rock and Roll!