Thursday, 12 February 2009

How To Make Friends

Home at last!

London is OK in its own way - it's the home of the Gunners after all.

But being more a country girl it's nice to come back to snowbound Gloucestershire.

And I come back with three more friends made through football.

It started when during one of the breaks, whilst waiting for the trainer to return, I was reading my March copy of FourFourTwo.

"You don't look like a typical FourFourTwo reader", a voice from across the room said.

So I told him the story of how I came to football. That it wasn't long ago and that I approached it with cynicism. How now I love the game with a passion and write a daily blog.

I gave him my card.

By this morning he'd taken a peek.

The conversation was joined by the man next to me. Who is a Liverpool fan it turns out. And who thinks Robbie Keane is a nightmare and Rafa is brilliant.

Then at lunch time today I sat next to a Chelsea fan and we agreed it was time the special one returned.

Football's such a great way of communicating isn't it.

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