Friday, 19 June 2009

Addickted To Football

On Wednesday evening I was out at a Charity Awards ceremony.

It was the first of its kind in our county and despite that feeling in the morning when I looked in my diary of "Blimey how did I get myself committed to that after a long day at work", when I actually got there I had a great evening.

After some initial circulating I got chatting to a group and we sat down together.

There were the usual ceremonies - a speech from the Chair, presentation of awards (with us winning one for encouraging volunteering which was fab), as well as work-related chit chat.

At about 9pm it seemed the right time to introduce the subject of 'you know what'.

Turns out I am sandwiched between a bang-at-it Charlton Athletic supporter and an Everton fan. I held my own until they started swopping stories about times past.

We did have an interesting discussion about the domination of the few in the Premiership though, our Addick-loving companion being passionate about the importance and value of the grass roots game, and quite rightly highlighting that the players on ridiculous salaries owe their position to all the mums, dads, volunteers, players, fans etc. who turn out week in week out to make the game happen at all levels. His view is that the top few should go off to form a super Euro league and leave the rest of use to got on with the real game.

He has a point.

Anyway, here is a little bit of joy for any Addick fans tuning in.

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