Thursday, 25 June 2009

Her indoors........ away again. Dashed off to London this morning, parking at Hounslow and taking the tube to places of import

Back at half seven and, after a speedy tea, off to organise this. She'll be back later and eager to read what a mess I've made of the blog.

Football is in the doldrums today. "Pink ponk-thirty-forty" dominating the airwaves.

I did hear, however, that championship pre-season is due to start in about a week's time. A trip to The Lambs, surely a competitive start? Hopefully, a win will ensure the boys are getting themselves ready in goodstyle.

Fox's V's lambs. No contest ?

In other worlds this week, mostly, I've been contemplating learning this.

When you're a boy who plays a bit like this. It's an uphill climb.

LFC for Prem this year ?

She'll be back.


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