Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Mary Poppins And The Blond Lesbians In Handcuffs

An interesting exchange of comments on yesterday's post.

Which prompted me to ask my lover "Who's Shepherd"?

He kindly pointed me in the direction of the Internet.

"Look for Freddy Shepherd" he said. "I think you may have a few things to say about him".

My interest was further fuelled when I heard Alan Brazil on the Talk Sport Breakfast Show saying he has it on very good authority that Freddy Shepherd is interested in buying Newcastle United off Mike Ashely and riding in on a white charger to become a Magpie legend.

So I looked him up.

And my lover was right. I do have a few things to say about him.

Amongst his many delightful quotes is:

"I like blondes, big bust, good legs. I want a lesbian show with handcuffs. Newcastle girls are all dogs."

And this from a man they called the Fat Controller.

His only redeeming act, as far as I can tell, is referring to Alan Shearer as Mary Poppins.

The soap opera lover in me half wishes he would come back. It would be another perfect twist in the tale of "The Slow and Painful Murder of Newcastle United".

But with such delightful correspondents as Mosher, how could I ever wish such misery on them?

Only Leeds United could ever warrant such cruelty.


M.J.Y said...

F.S back at the Toon wouldn't go down with fans too well at all; although seeing them suffer more wouldn't be too bad! lol!

Thought you may be interested in my recent blog (found on: doweneedanotherhero.blogspot) about Ronaldo (ManUre's) - be good if you followed it!

Georgina Best said...

Added to the list.x