Friday, 5 June 2009

Just Not Cricket

Every now and then cricket mounts a challenge to try to steal the spotlight from football.

So I wasn't too surprised when my lover said to me tonight "With the football season over you'll have to become from girls who can't do cricket".

I thought to myself "I don't think so", but said nothing.

Which is probably why he then went on to spend several minutes explaining about how 20:20 cricket could be the death of 5 day test matches but that in turn could mean a loss of skills. Oh and apparently the news that Holland have beaten England in the first day 20:20 world cup is utterly shocking. Like the England football team being beaten by Andorra.

To be honest I couldn't be less interested.

Football 'til I die...............!


Derek said...

Cricket is a great game especially if you can bowl a maiden over.

Georgina Best said...

As I am sure you have done many a time Derek :-)