Tuesday, 23 June 2009

The Malevolence Of The Mighty Mackam

Once upon a time there was a wicked footballing wizard, The Mighty Mackam.

Wherever he went, The Mighty Mackam spread malevolence and evil.

But he reserved his most evil curses and spells for his most hated club - Newcastle United.

In one season alone, he sent them 2 fake Messiahs and a manager whose vocabulary was developed in a public toilet.

Other gifts included Joey Barton (no further explanation needed) and Dennis Wise (ditto).

To cap it all off at the end of the season he got them relegated.

Now you would think that even the most evil of evil wizards would be satisfied with that wouldn't you?

But no - the mighty Mackam had one more wicked spell to dispense before he was satisfied.

For today he gave them this.

You would have to have a hard heart not to feel just a little bit sorry for them.

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Paulno1fan said...

That kit is truly hideous! I mean, what bloke actually makes an effort to wear yellow? I don'y remember the last time I woke up and thought "I need to get some yellow trousers".

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keep up the good work