Monday, 15 June 2009

A Little Bit Scary

Remember this bleak moment last year.

And now here we are back where we belong, for now, in the Championship.

I gather the fixtures are due out on Wednesday.

I've always thought what an unenviable task the scheduling of the league must be.

So many things to take into account.

Then you think to yourself "But they have amazing computers today. They'll simply feed the information in and the computer will do the rest".


"Oh well there's bound to be some specialised software which does the bulk of the work with just some tweaks required"


My research has led me discover that the fate of the football league with its millions of pounds turnover every year, upon which so many millions of fans rely to fill huge sections of their lives and which creates numerous networks of businesses providing supporting and spin off services, rests with one man, his laptop and an excel spreadsheet.

I find that just a little bit scary.


areallaticfromthesouth said...

The fixtures are released on Wednesday at 10.00am and ignore who is playing who on a given day especially in the Premiership..... TV will rinse the fans so who gives a damm!!

Anonymous said...

I spot red jimmy jams Latic. And there was me thinking you wore blue ?