Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Licensed To Thrill

Steven Gerrard has had a difficult few days. Not for any football related reason, but because he ran into a child with his car.

From the reports I have heard the child is in hospital but will be OK. Gerrard has apparently visited today and took a signed football shirt and a pair of Wayne Rooney's boots. The boy is a Manchester United fan.

Gerrard was driving a Bentley, despite being partial to the odd Austin Martin. Like James Bond.

Given his love of cars, maybe he should have a go at this.

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Jungle VIP said...

Yea good again. I thought you'd go with the Spurs story tonight I must say....but hey...its a big old game. You know they say that Gerrard cuddled the boy in his arms until the emergency services came and shed tears big time afterwards.