Friday, 25 September 2009

The Mysterious Case Of The Missing Link

Where is football's missing link?

Here maybe?

Or here?

No - I know where the missing link is.

Or rather I know what link is missing.

Where it is, is a mystery.

It's so missing you may even have missed it even when it did briefly appear.

My lover sent me a link today.

But when I tried it, it said this.

I tried to Google the subject to see if I could find another way in.

And there it was - Key figure in Notts County takeover served two years for fraud ...

Except when I clicked on it, it said this.

So I can't explain this missing link.

I wonder what has happened.

It's a mystery.


Anonymous said...

This story has vanished. Someone somewhere has said you can't do that. Vestiges of it are here


Anonymous said...

and better here

Goodness !