Sunday, 20 September 2009

What's The Time Mr Ref?

So where were you when the ManUre Man City derby was on?

I was not able to watch the match unfortunately, due to having other very important things to do.

Whilst others were no doubt sitting relaxed with their feet up, maybe sipping a lager and eliciting the odd cry of frustration or encouragement, I was in the shed with my lover.

Picture us with matching navy blue overalls, a Bosch chainsaw and a very large pile of wood to cut up.

Oh and safety gloves and goggles of course.

Don't be too sad for me though.

I did listen to the match whilst we worked.

And it means we won't run out of wood in the winter and have to go out to chop more when we are watching football warmed by our little wood burner.

Which is probably just as well if referees are going to start adding an arbitrary couple of extra minutes to injury time on a regular basis.

Or maybe that will only be for the ManUre when they are losing or drawing..............

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