Monday, 21 September 2009

Toilet Tale

I would never be one to suggest that constipation is a good thing.

But a positive side effect of having occasionally eaten too many pies is the requirement to stay a little longer in the bathroom than perhaps one usually would.

Such delays enable one to spend some time perusing the copy of "1001 Football Moments" residing on top of the laundry basket.

What delight then at the weekend to reach 1923, the year the old Wembley (properly called The Empire Stadium, build in 300 days and costing £750,000) was opened.

Finished just 5 days beforehand, it hosted an FA Cup final between Boulton Wanderers and Wesh Ham United.

And saw around 200,000 people crammed into the stadium with a capacity of 127,000. The pitch had to be cleared before the game could start, and there is an iconic scene where PC George Scorey (presumably no pun intended), and his trust white steed, Billy, parted the crowds and managed to push them back as far as the touchline.

Apparently when the game finally started, 45 minutes late and in the presence of King George, players and ball regularly disapperard into the crowd. Boulton's second and winning goal was contraversial on the basis that West Ham alleged a Boulton fan had kicked the ball back into play in the run-up to the goal.

Anyway I hope you didn't mind me sharing that toilet moment with you.

I somehow feel it has brought us closer together.

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