Wednesday, 23 September 2009

The Young And The Restless

Ooohh I do love a good football story.

One of the latest story lines in the soap opera that is the Football League revolves around Sol Campbell.

I have to confess I was surprised when he went to Notts County. It seemed a really odd move from where I was sitting but I just thought I was probably missing something.

Now it would seem that he was seduced in some way (not the first of Sven's conquests!) and has suddenly woken up.

To add to the intrigue, there is a rumour he may be returning to Spurs.

Which may of course upset one or two White Hart Lane fans.

'Arry has previously said he would 'ave him in a 'eartbeat were he not at Spurs.

But Tottenham need to strengthen their defence having seen them play against Chel$ea at the weekend.

So the temptation may become too great.

Tune in tomorrow at the same time to find out what happens in the next thrilling installment.

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